The Varcon service portfolio is one that appeals directly to anyone with responsibility for building/operating telecommunications and broadcast sites and structures.  Varcon has the experience and skills to manage large, broad multi-scope projects or can contribute to one or more of the separate components of client projects.  Our teams of professionals have established working relations with tower owners/landlords, consultants, rigging firms and other industry stakeholders – relations that facilitate efficient and effective execution of client projects.


Structural Analysis

Verify the capacity of your structure for a variety of scenarios with a Varcon analysis by a tower structural engineer, utilizing specialized software.

Engineering Design

Innovative & practical design solutions utilizing industry standard drafting tools to produce various construction installation drawings.


Site Inspection

Independent & unbiased inspection services by engineers & technologists complete with detailed, easy to reference inspection reports.



Leverage Varcon technical and organizational expertise combined with close communications to achieve outstanding project execution results.