Our Team

Varcon is comprised of over 40 dedicated, customer-oriented individuals with a diverse background. Our talented team consists of fully qualified professional engineers, technologists and project managers who currently hold memberships in Professional Engineering Associations in all Canadian provinces and territories. All our engineers and technologist are certified in tower climbing and tower rescue.  They are able to apply practical onsite experience in their management, analysis and design work.

Management Team

Sean Hayman, P.Eng., PhD., MScE., BScE.
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Owner

In his role, Sean has oversight of and responsibility for the technical work and performance of Varcon’s engineering resources. This includes skills development, training programs, quality control and project execution. In addition, Sean plays an important role in ongoing marketing and client relations.

Sean has over 5 years’ experience in engineering with respect to telecommunication towers. He also has 10+ years’ experience with concrete materials and structures. He worked with the federal highways association in a 5+ year project completing implementation and testing of concrete structures throughout the United States. He completed his PhD. in engineering from the University of New Brunswick in 2013 after studying the effects of de-icing chemicals on airport runways. He has completed many projects in the tower industry throughout his years at Varcon including but not limited to construction drawings and structural analyses on 1000s of towers, reinforcing designs, and one off projects such as rehabilitating a concrete tower. He is a registered professional engineer in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

trevor-flip-patched2Trevor Bolt, P.Eng., FEC
Vice President Professional Service

In his VP role Trevor is responsible for strategic corporate development and marketing of Varcon services, nationally and internationally. This includes oversight of the company’s technical framework for Varcon’s engineering services while maintaining a focus on client satisfaction. He is also responsible for the development and implementation of any new service offerings.

Trevor has over 15+ years of engineering experience in the telecommunication tower industry. He has completed many challenging tower assignments during his tenure with Varcon, encompassing all facets of the tower industry including many hundreds of CSA maintenance inspections, post-construction acceptance inspections, tower design, mount designs, foundation designs, reinforcement designs, cost estimates, structural analysis, technical specifications, scope of work documents, and large multi-scope projects managed. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and the Yukon. He also sits on the CSA-S37 technical committee responsible for developing the Canadian standards governing communication towers.

See our contact page for a listing of corporate and regional key staff members.