Site Inspection

As noted, Varcon Inc. is not affiliated with any tower manufacturer, supplier or erector. As such our clients can be assured of independent, unbiased engineering and inspection services. All field inspections involve on-site visits by qualified Varcon engineering personnel and are complemented with detailed inspection reports, complete with observations, measurements, recommendations, high quality digital photos and detailed CAD drawings. The final reports are presented in a clear and concise format that allows the client to navigate the contents quickly and easily.


Several key inspections for new and existing towers include:

  • 3rd party progress inspections to ensure quality control during construction
  • 3rd party foundation inspections during construction (critical aspect of the tower owners quality control)
  • 3rd party post-installation acceptance inspections to ensure the installation work is completed in accordance with contract documents
  • CSA prescribed maintenance inspections for existing structures to monitor tower condition and provide recommendations for identified concerns
  • Inspections for antenna and transmission line inventories or structural mapping
  • Investigation of tower failures/collapses, deterioration and other performance problems
  • Underground cathodic protection and corrosion assessments
  • Antenna alignment verification and adjustment (utilizing specialized equipment)

Regular Tower Inspections by Varcon Inc.

  • Protect both the public and company personnel who may be near the tower
  • Improve the confidence of third party users
  • Minimize liabilities and provide defense for due diligence by identifying areas of concern and recommending remedial work to address these deficiencies
  • Identify threats before they effect service levels
  • Increase the useful lifespan of the relevant structure
  • May decrease insurance premiums
  • Clearly demonstrate a good, proactive management practice