Engineering Design

Our talented engineering personnel utilize state of the art computer aided drafting techniques to present clear and innovative design solutions for your civil works requirements. In particular, Varcon engineers and technologists have extensive design experience related to towers and other communication and broadcast site infrastructure. Our designs incorporate a thorough knowledge of applicable codes and standards.

New tower design

Although tower fabricators have an assortment of pre-designed towers, it is advisable for purchasers to have a tower designed to their specific requirements. By doing this, a purchaser ensures the tower is neither inadequately engineered nor overbuilt, saving time, money and frustration with respect to reinforcing or unnecessary capacity. Varcon Inc. can design a tower that meets your unique requirements.

If you are purchasing a tower (or have just purchased a tower) and are interested in its structural integrity, having the tower design review completed by Varcon engineering consultants is an effective way of ensuring your new tower meets the parameters outlined by structural standards, fabricators and suppliers. Varcon Inc. has the knowledge and experience to review tower designs to verify their structural integrity and capacity. Our independent status ensures you get unbiased results focused solely on your best interests.

Reinforcement of existing towers

To ensure a tower continues to provide its owners and users with necessary capacity and services, tower reinforcements and upgrades are often required. Varcon Inc. will help you reinforce your tower in a cost and time efficient manner. We will only suggest what is necessary given public safety requirements and interests of the tower owner. As well, we have the industry knowledge to recommend reputable suppliers of required reinforcements. Our overall goal while designing structural modifications is to minimize the amount of upgrades and to use techniques that reduce the cost of fabrication and installation. While upgrades can be an excellent way to increase revenue by extending tower capacity, they can also be an unnecessary or wasteful investment when upgrades are over-designed. Because we are not affiliated with tower fabricators or erection contractors we have no vested interest in recommending unnecessary remedial or reinforcement work.

Special Design Services

  • Permit designs
  • Anchor design
  • Foundation design
  • Antenna mount designs
  • Special attachment design
  • Ice shield design
  • Fall protection system design
  • Roof top installation design
  • Communication equipment shelter design
  • Site layout & access road design